The Innovators

TBM challenges through creative innovation without fear of change for a healthier and more convenient life

Beyond the Innovation

We try out upmost to develop useful medical equipment like never before through creative and innovative technology development.

In the time that the quality of life is considered more important socially, people’s expectation about medical products and devices also increased. TBM is a company that tries it’s best to develop more cost effective and high quality medical equipment to meet the needs of consumers for more convenient and effective medical equipment.

Company History

  • 2022
    • Ora-Aid FDA Registration (510k)

  • 2021
    • Curatick CE Registration

  • 2020
    • U.S. Patent Registration for "Oral Hemostasis and Wound Protection Patch"

    • Curatick Acquires Chinese Medical Device Certification

    • Dentek Canker Relief U.S. Export Agreement Signed

    • 2019
      • China NMPA Certificate achieved

      • USA Patent registered / FDA achieved

      • USA Walgreen, CVS, Dentek contract

      • Thailand Pharmaceutical company contract

    • 2018
      • Achieved EN ISO 13485 Certificate

      • Intra-oral Wound Dressing Australia Sales Permit

      • Intra-oral Wound Dressing Patent registered Korea

      • Exporting over 30 countries (Asia, Europe, CIS, etc)

    • 2017
      • Achieved CE Class 1 Exporting over 10 countries

      • Applications for overseas patents in six countries other than the US

      • Applications for overseas trademarks in six countries other than the US

      • Clinical trail test ongoing(Seoul National University, Dankook University Dental Clinic)

    • 2016
      • GMP certificate achieved for Medical equipment

      • Certification of Non-eugenol Periodontal Wound Dressing Ora-Aid

      • Released ETC product, Ora-Aid

      • Development on-goin of Orascar, Auto-bone graft Material, Curatick

    • 2014~2015
      • Certification of Attached Institure

      • “Processing Method of Self-supporting Dental Bone Transplanting Materials”, patent Registration(No.10-1386322)

      • “Processing Method of Self-supporting Dental Implants with Crown Support Part”, Patent Registration(No.10-13820670)

      • “Oral Blood Stopping and Scar Protection Film”, Patent Application(No.10-2015-0165396)

    • 2012~2013
      • Medical device manufacturing license(No.3658)

      • Medical device manufacturing item report(Radiation defense cubicle)

      • Releasing TBM Self-supporting Dental Bone Transplanting Material

      • Certification of Venture business

    • 2011
      • Foundation of TBM Corporation

      • Making a Contract on Technology Transfer of self-supporting Dental Bone Transplaing Material with Chosun University Dental Hospital.

      • Winning the Silver Prize 2011 Seoul International Invention Fair(Self-supporting Dental Bone Transplanting Material)

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