Intra-oral Wound Protecting Patch to prevent and protect against contamination in the mouth from childhood to adults.

TBM Curatick

Curatick is a mouth-adhesive, transparent wound dressing that prevents and protects against contamination of the windows of the mouth, such as oral ulcer and stomatitis.

  • Item Intra-oral Wound Dressing
  • Item Certification Number 17-4400
  • Model CR12
  • License Number 3658
  • Use-by date 3 years
  • Manufacturer TBM Corporation / B-303, 313, Cheomdangwagi-ro, Buk-gu, Gwangju, Korea 61008
  • Oral wound protective patch Protecting the affected area by blocking the contact surfaces Applicable to various wounds in the mouth
  • Water soluble adhesive patch(Only adhesive surface) Galvanized when contacting water/saliva, resulting in adhesion
  • Loss of adhesive surfaces naturally Automatic desorption when the adhesive surface is melted by saliva and reaction in the mouth
  • Raw materials to suite the specifications Use materials that meet KP/USP standards

Curatick and Ora-Aid are products that have proven healing and pain relief effects through clinical trials done by domestic universities.

1. Excellent pain reduction!

- Clinical Trial by S University(pain reduction effect) x : degree of pain y : # of patients

Groupㅣ : Ora-Aid Group ll : Coe-pak

The test results showed that Ora-Aid/Curatick has a much better pain reduction effect than the existing products. Ora-Aid helps patients reduce pain, and it helps heal their wounds by covering and protecting. Curatick is made of the same principles and ingredients as an Ora-Aid and is used for small wounds in the mouth, stomatitis, braces or ulcers.

2. High satisfaction!

- Clinical Trial by D University

[Experimental group : ORA-AID Control group : FREE ORA-AID]

Rather than not applying anything to the affected area, the patient’s pain decreased when using Ora-Aid, and the bleeding and dietary discomfort decreased.

Ora-Aid protects the intra-oral wound from the foreign substances, reducing bleeding and dietary discomfort, increasing patient satisfaction.

3. Excellent healing effect

- Clinical Trial by C University [Experimental group : CURATICK Control group : FREE CURATICK]

* Oral wounds(excision) model

In the case of mouth wounds model, the Curatick group had a higher amount of collagen fiber compared to the control group on 3rd, 7th and 14th. *An increase in collagen levels means more tissue regeneration factors, faster healing of wounds.

Curatick promotes excision healing in the mouth and preserves growth factors in the base of the wound surface for a long time.

* Small wounds/ulcers, burn model

In the case of inflammatory(Curatick) models, the area of collagen fibers increased for the 14th day, and the collagen level of the samples applied with Curatick was higher than that of the control group.